First, The Upcoming Shows

Ken moved to Portland. Mark H. moved to Maryland. Barbara moved to Kentucky. more regular gigs!


Second, The News and General Info
The Pig's Foot String Band is...
The Pig's Foot String Band. Mark Hopkins, Ed Cirimele, Ken Torke, Barbara Rosner, Mark Wardenburg and Linda Sullivan

Mark Hopkins - guitar, Ed Cirimele - mandolin, Ken Torke - banjo, Barbara Rosner - Bass, Mark Wardenburg - fiddle, Linda Sullivan - fiddle

Berkeley Old Time Music
Spring Situation

The Berkeley Old Time Music Convention's String Band Contest winners, that would be us, got to play the opening set at the Spring Situation at the Freight and Salvage and hosted a jam in the lobby afterwards.

PIg's Foot String Band at the Freight and Salvage

Berkeley Old Time Music Convention - String Band Contest

The Pigs played their little hearts out...and won first place.
Thanks to Susie Thompson and everybody involved for several days of Old Time fun!


We had a fab time at SFFF
They fill up a whole school with music. We were mighty pleased to play one of the larger rooms to a good sized crowd on Saturday. Next time we'll see if we can get a few extra square feet on the stage for Barbara.
Photo by Dorian Martinka

The Pig's Foot String Band had a sweet spot on Vern's!
Thanks to the California Bluegrass Association for giving us one of the best venues in bluegrass and old-time. The Vern's state is really about the best place to play at the annual Father's Day Festival. We played Sunday afternoon and were very happy that so many folks stayed around and listened to our set. Click on the photos for larger versions.
Photos by Lisa Krieger and Alan Bond

Pig's Foot String Band on KPFA

The Pigs took to the air again on Sunday, March 23rd. Ray Edlund invited us to join him in the Berkeley, California studios of KPFA. We had a mighty fine time. There are some recordings and pictures and we'll get a few posted as soon as I remember where I put them.


On The Air KKUP

KKUP had their Folk and Bluegrass marathon February 9th 2014. We be played a 45 minute set.The recording doesn't have the exact balance you'd want for a CD. But, it's not too bad and you get the idea. Here's the whole thing...

  1. Goodbye Girls I'm Going to Boston - Hunting The Buffalo
  2. Richmond - Reuben
  3. Snake Hunt - Bull at the Wagon
  4. Hangman's Reel
  5. Rock The Cradle Joe - Waiting for Nancy
  6. One Eyed Cat
  7. Gilsaw - Jonah and the Wind Storm
  8. Possum's Tail is Bare
  9. Indian Corn - Possum Up A Gum Stump
  10. Monkey in a Dog Cart - Knoxville Rag

The Pig's Foot String Band in the picture below: George Bradshaw (guitar,) Ed Cirimele (mandolin), Ken Torke (banjo), Mark Wardenburg (fiddle), Barbara Rosner (bass) and Linda Sullivan (fiddle). (photo by Chip Curry)

Some More Pictures and Stuff

Would you like us to come play for a dance, a BBQ, just anything?
We'll eat your food, drink your liquor, but behave responsibly.
All for a reasonable price!

Check out for some old time instructional material. Ken has tabbed out and posted all of his clawhammer banjo tunes. Mark has transcribed and posted almost every old time tune he does that isn't in one of Jack Tuttle's Books.

This is the US Division. There is also a band by the same name in Wales, UK. They showed up on the web shortly after we committed to the name. Rather than lawyer up we decided we wouldn't cross paths too often. We decided to set an example for the politicos and have a US and UK division. And, if we ever are in the same place, we'll have a big picking party and drink some beers.

A pig's foot is a bifurcated metal poker used in the metalurgical arts.
Or, it's the title of an old time tune as in "Shove the Pig's Foot a Little Further in the Fire."
Or, it's the foot of a pig.

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