Write-Up in the SF Weekly

The Goddest Damn Thing
By Hiya Swanhuyse

We can understate, and say that the Bay Area isn’t known as a hotbed of fundamentalist Christianity. Or we can overstate, and say that Bay Area music audiences would probably get violent if asked to sit through a set of gospel bluegrass. Midway, we might find that a band such as Hyperbole Mountain, which plays gospel bluegrass, sometimes has a hard time getting booked around here. It seems people don’t like the God songs in their bar, even if the players are committed far more to the music than to the Word, and possibly in full-on ironic mode. Tonight, the group shares the stage with the Earl Brothers, who play your more normal variant of bluegrass, the whiskey-drinkin’ kind; people like that kind in their bar, a lot. Full disclosure: The lady in the floor-length, high-necked dress playing clawhammer[sic, really sic] banjo and singing tenor with Hyperbole Mountain is former SF Weekly staff writer Lessley Anderson. Just a thought: maybe book HM with faux-Jesus-loving punk band Knights of the New Crusade?

Some Places We've Had a Meeting

Amnesia - We shared an evening with the Barefoot Nellies a couple time. We also did a show with the Creole Belles and Devine's Jug Band.

KKUP - We played the Sunday morning set for the fund raiser. Hundreds of dollars came in.

San Francisco Free Folk Fest - We had a revival of sorts at the Folk Fest.

Riptide - Our pals (and alter band for Ken and Mark) the Crows had us share the stage for an opening set at the Riptide.

Sam's BBQ - We've opened for the Crows a couple times and saved thier hides once when Chris was very late.

Brown Barn Bluegrass Festival - Carl Pagter gave us the gospel slot at the 2008 Brown Barn in San Martin. We had a great set and Carl gave us a thumbs up. Mike Hall from NCBS was there and said he hopes we apply for GOF next year so we can do the gospel show.

Bob's Courthouse Cafe - in Redwood City. Irene said we could come back anytime...and she offered us extra coffee.

We also played a private Cocktails with a Christian house party. But, that's a long story.