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Sunday morning fundraising and gospel singing.
Hyperbole Mountain on the air. We played on Mike Russell's portion of the annual fundraiser for KKUP in Cuppertino. 91.5 on your FM dial. We'll post some audio here before long.
Hyperbole Mountain singing He Will Set Your Fields on Fire. Photo by Clark Akatif

HMB had a gig at Bob's Courthouse Cafe early October. Bob's is hosting regular Friday night bluegrass with the help of Jennifer Kitchen. She's doing the booking as well as playing with her band Kitchen Help. The cafe is right out of the middle of America and the middle of the last century. It isn't set up quite right for a music venue but it's not without its charms. There's no stage and the booths are fixed and spread out. On the plus side, they do have a couple beers on tap. Besides, where else can you enjoy a tuna melt with fries and a side of cole slaw. Bob and Irene are usually around. He's affable, she's maybe a bit curmudgeonly and they're both just adorable. If you'd like to see for yourself we'll probably head back there soon!

We have some artistic issues to work out. So, as soon as Mark can decide which is his "good side" we'll post some more. For now, here is Ken Torke, Mark Wardenburg, Lessley Anderson and Galen Krumel.

Here we are in the basement of the Amnesia in full color.

We had a fun gig opening for the Barefoot Nellies at Amnesia on January 28, 2008. It was only our second real outing and it went pretty well. I mean, if you don't count Lessley wailing so hard on the 5-string that she down-graded it to a 4-string. Anyway...there were some flashes. Galen Googled the band name a day or two later and found some pictures by Francis Chung on Francis must be mighty cool because he said we could use his pictures. Here they are. Click for a larger version.
hyperbole mountain hyperbole mountain gospel band hyperbole mountain gospel bluegrass band
Lessley Anderson Galen Krumel and Ken Torke That's Galen Krumel in the white bowler. Mark is playing the bass and sporting a pork pie hat. Lessley is playing banjo and wearing a dress that was probably made for a local presentation of "Our Town." Ken Torke is dressed in black from his shoes to his mandolin. Lesley Anderson and Galen Krumel