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Since 2007 we've been working on a building...

Photo by Francis Chung - Hyperbole Mountain with  Mark  Wardenburg, Ken Torke, Galen Krumel and Lessley AndersonThe members of Hyperbole Mountain are all big fans of the bluegrass. We like listening, playing and swapping songs with our bluegrass buddies. Now, anybody who knows a little about bluegrass knows that gospel is one of the foundations of the music. Some folks will do a lot of gospel but most, particularly in our part of the world, will just play one or two songs in a set. Some bands might be concerned that they might offend. Well get ready for unapologetic gospel. Not only is our current goal to bring you a full bluegrass gospel experience but to take it to the highest power! We've been scouring the box sets looking for those cast-aside songs, great melodies and in-your-face lyrics. What could be more fun! We might even go so far as to have a little good old-fashioned snake handling at our shows.

Hey band members, would you tell us something about yourselves?

Lessley Anderson - Lessley plays banjo and sings leads and tenor.
From the age of 6, I knew I wanted to spread the gospel when I drew a picture of myself as a (male, bearded) preacher on a 1st grade assignment entitled "what I want to be when I grow up." If was hard to get the proper information in a 100% Heathen household, but luckily I discovered a worn Jesus Christ Superstar LP (original British cast recording) which got me started down the path. Next came the banjo, an addiction to the Louvin Brothers, and twenty plus years that might be described as "Godless". However, as somebody once said, you have to walk close to the abyss to see its depths. And when I preach about the temptation of Satan, I really know what I'm talking about!

Galen Krumel - Galen plays guitar and sings both lead and baritone.
On paper my background is well suited to bluegrass gospel music: my grandmother taught fiddle (actually violin), I sang in the church choir and consumed the body of Christ, grew up around chickens, ducks and horses, strayed to the call of the devil's music in my later years (Mississippi delta blues), and now struggle to avoid the ways of the modern day sinner.

Ken Torke - Ken plays mandolin and sings lead and the occasional baritone.
I like cake. My grandma Mayme went to the Weldon Valley Presbyterian Church, played the organ and sang in the choir. She also made an award winning (literally) angel food cake with the thinnest carmel frosting and little bits of maraschino cherries. It can't be reproduced easily in these troubled times. I just say I'm happy with German chocolate as my favorite. You know, the American version with the coconut in the frosting. I like carrot cake too.

Mark Wardenburg - Mark plays and sings bass. He also does the occasional lead or baritone.
I'm a new age male. Turn-ons are Renaissance fairs, naugahyde, twin fiddles, day trips to the spa and pastry carts. Turn-offs are mean people and brimstone.


Band Photo by Francis Chung