Remodel at our Portland house.

Shortly after we bought the house we started a project to add an upstairs bathroom and finish the basement. Here are the before and after pictures. We were very happy with the help we got. Here is contact info.

Contractor - Hayes Borothers - Smith Hayes (503) 459-8587
Architect - The Design Department, Inc - Patricia Sauer (503) 332-3796
Painter - Misael Painting - Misael Garcia Rodriguez (503) 936-3673
Realtor - Remax - Rambo Halpern (503) 473-4127

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Before - Click for larger picture.

After - Click for larger picture.

Stairs down to basement.  
Stairs down to basement
Stairs up.  
Stairs up
  Painted concrete and area rugs.
  Painted cement and area rugs
This wall went away when the room behind was combined with the laundry room. Reaized we didn't need a separate laundry room so it was combined to make one big laundry and sewing room.
This became the sewing room egress window. Egress window well.
  Divided space and added closet
Right half became sewing room. Left half became guest room.
  Shelves in closet stuffed with quilting fabric.
  Interesting space under stairs.
This wall went away. Washer dryer with tall counter. Should have put the pull chain on the blinds on the left side.
The same wall that dissapeared. The sink went away. The new laundry is about where the old laundry was.  
  Guest room with electrical panel
  Guest room view from corner by electrical panel.
Crawl space becomes inserted cabinet boxes. Duct was moved against wall and soffited in the guest room. Wall to left and bar on the other side. Cabinet boxes and electrical panel. Soffited ducting.
cabinet inserts in smal crawl space
  Electrical panel door detail.
  electrical panel detail
Panorama (slightly distorted) taken from the pantry corner by the TV. Left to right: furnace room, music area with storage, bar, door to guest room, stairs up, sewing room door, bathroom (not vis), pantry door.
Panorama (distorted) of TV, music room and bar. Clad metal beam allowed removal of post in middle of room.
Crawl space becomes finished storage space. Sewage stack is about where bar sink is now.  
music area and furnace. Access doors for finished crawl space. Metal beam to replace post in middle of room.
  Storage space detail.
Storage detail.
  Bar from pantry corner. Walnut cabinets.


Bar. Walnut cabinets. Re-used old leaded house windows for cabinet doors.
The wall and door into the guest room are about at the fridge. Last stretch of duct was tucked against wall.  
Duct work moved over along wall at end of run. Soffited in over bar.
  Solid walnut bar top. Granite counters.
  Solid walnut bar top. Granite counters.
  Old leaded glass windows from house (left by previous owner) used for bar doors. Ikea LED lights in and below cabinets added later.
  Bar sink. Small fridge. Reused old leaded house windows for cabinet doors. Added Ikea led lights later.
This window was replaced at same size. TV seating. New extra large egress on left. Enclosed furnace on right.
  Furnace. I should move the paint.
  Furnace detail. I should move the paint.
The post and wall that were removed. View from guest room door. The steel beem is wrapped in wood and drywall. It runs perpendicular to all of the joists and all the electrical and mechanical crosses it. To recess it would have required cutting all joists and rerouting all mechanical and electrical. It may not have been possible and would have been expensive. Fortunatley the ceiling hight allowed it to be easily left where it was and we still got rid of the post that would be about where the green recliner is sitting.
This beam and wall went away.
Pantry door. Lost some pantry to the shower and put a tankless water heater in there. Still plenty of room for root vegetables. View from the bar. New egress window.
Pantry is behind door. Lost some for shower. Moved tankless water heater into pantry. Beam on top of image is steel wrapped in drywall. Recessing into floor would have required cutting all joists and routing all HVAC. It would have been pricy if even practical.
  Egress from outside.
  New egress from outside.
  New bathroom. It's four inches above rest of basement to avoid trenching through basement all the way to the main sewer or adding a sewage pump.
New bathroom. Left floor 4 inches higher to avoid trenching new line through house to street.
  Prefab fiberglass guest shower and shelving.
  Added shelves and a fiberglass shower.
  New dormer for upstairs bathroom.
New dormer for upstairs bathroom.
  Added closets on either side of South facing window and a fir bench.
Addedd a fir bench below the window and closets on either side.
Decided not to refinish floor. It wasn't too bad and you only get to do that so many times (plus time and $$) Knee wall cut-outs were converted to closets.
Replaced cut-out knee wall with closets.
  This one has shelving for linens, etc.
  Shelving in this one for linens, etc.
  Fir vanity and beveled glass mirror frame. Granite counter top. Tiled all of East facing wall.
  New bathroom. Fir cabinet and mirror frame. Granite counter. Tiled all back wall.
  New shower. Tiled walls and ceiling. Windmill floor tile used for accent. Glass wall only goes part way and a door would intersect with the window but wasn't needed since the shower is big.
  Fully tiled shower. Shower wall intersects window so no door. No problem.
  Shampoo cubby.
  New furniture, ceiling fan and gas fireplace on main floor.
New furniture, fan and gas fireplace on main floor.
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